Puerto Natales Fly Fishing

Fishing Places

The city of Puerto Natales is located in a place that is exceptionally wonderful to fly fish. In less than an hour, you can find 12 amazing places to fish.

The first trout were brought to the region at the beginning of the 20th century. The fish that were introduced here in Patagonia immedately found an ideal habitat to reproduce. The area has wonderful trout that are wild and make for an entertaining catch because of their strength. Fishing here is a dream made true for all that love to fish.

In reality, in the water here we find a majority of Salmon Trutta, known as brown trout. They are a species known for their beautiful colors and fierce spirit.

It is also possible to find Rainbow trout, Salmon Salar (atlantic), Chinook, Silver Salmon, and other endimic fish like the Creole Perch or the Peladilla.

During a typical journey we will have the chance to use different fishing techniques. Ninfas and Streamers are very productive during the day, leaving our favorite-the dry fly- for the evenings. The trout in our rivers eat completely along the surface of the water.

We know how and with which flies to fish and assure you that fishing on the surface is an experiences that is difficult to forget.